new year = new bag (Anna Kreeger’s M. Hulot)

Last week I was early for a meeting. So I decided I was fully entitled to a mooch.  Now, before those (particularly Lady Y) who have previously swallowed the Oxford English Dictionary raise their brows, I have just looked up the verb – to mooch – and it absolutely exists.  A certainly curly-haired university friend first introduced me to the concept of MOOCHING.  She’d call me and ask me if I fancied a mooch.  I was, understandably, a little concerned at first but soon realised that she simply meant to wander aimlessly up and down a busy high street.  Anyway, last week I mooched along Marylebone Lane.

KJ’s Laundry on Marylebone Lane

And while in KJ’s Laundry, one of my favourite little boutiques, I mooched right into a classic, urban-cool bag designed by Anna Kreeger, founder of M. Hulot.  Cross-body, snappy-zips with fine, soft, natural leather – it quite literally stopped me in my tracks (do you like the drama?).  Always on the hunt for up-and-coming labels, I quickly took a pic of the bag and, with Miss Marple detective skillks, managed to contact the designer herself.

a selection of bags at KJ’s Laundry

Having worked for all the big brands and retailers (from Browns and M&S to Jigaw and Clarks), Anna launched M. Hulot last Autumn in direct response to the throw away culture of high street fashion. Her designs are minimalistic yet feminine and are made out of the most scrumptious leather.

Here is my interview with my newest bag lady:

Do you come from an entrepreneurial family?  No. My dad’s a vicar and My mum’s a teacher! They don’t know the industry and business AT ALL, but are very supportive!

Are you a leather snob?  Yes, I am now! I have always been obsessed by materials and texture, and working with leather goods has made me even more so.

What’s in your handbag?  I try to travel light as much as possible, so not much on an everyday basis: wallet, diary, minimal make up, business cards and a book!

a classic Jas MB

Which handbag designers do you admire?  I gravitate to designers such as Jas MB and Ally Capellino for their beautiful simplicity, practicality and quality.  For super luxury I adore Celine, Reed Krakoff and Jil Sander.

Where do you shop (for clothes)? I shop at Cos and Uniqlo on the high street, but if I’m looking for something different I head to Hub in Stoke Newington, YMC or my friend Tash’s vintage store on Broadway market, Hackney.

Where would you love to see M. Hulot stocked? Darkroom, one of my dream stockists, have just bought my Strapped Howe clutches for next season so that’s one ticked off already!  I would also love to be stocked at Liberty, Barneys, New York and Merci Paris.

Anna and I met back at KJ’s Laundry to discuss bags

Best book ever written? Don’t know about ‘best ever’ but love so many of Murakami’s books and have particular affection for The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh – the only book I’ve ever read twice.

Social media or local pub? Definitely local pub – one of life’s small pleasures!

Fav winter boots? I treated myself to a pair of Chloe boots a few years ago now, when I first reaped the rewards of a freelance wage.

the Wheeler bag I fell for modelled by the designer herself

Where would we find you taking some time out? Having a walk around Alexandra Palace park (just behind my flat) and enjoying the views over London or meeting friends in Hackney.

Who would you love to wear your bags? The ultimate compliment would be to see the fashion editors wearing them.

What does M. Hulot have in store for us for next season? A large and grown-up bowling bag, a fresh take on a bucket shape, a small cross body bag that can also be worn as a clutch and lots and lots of colour!

Garrard clutch

COMPETITION:  M Hulot is generously giving away a Garrard clutch in tortora/avocado (£150) as a perfect new year/new bag prize. To enter this competition all you have to do is sign up to my blog (top right of homepage) and leave a Facebook or blog comment telling me what, in your opinion, makes a perfect bag.  The lucky winner will be selected randomly on 1st Jan 2013.



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141 Responses to new year = new bag (Anna Kreeger’s M. Hulot)

  1. Christine Sunter

    Good quality leather makes a perfect bag – whether it be a soft squishy bag or a hard rigid bag – just the look of the leather tells the quality.

  2. Talia

    The perfect bag is something that looks lovely, feels great, and has lots of secret little pockets to keep everything well organised.

  3. iain maciver

    being comfortable with it

  4. Absolutely love this clutch and KJ’s my fave. WANT IT NOW

  5. For me – a perfect bag has to be just the right size. Not too big or too small but big enough so I can fit all my stuff in. It has to have a zip that closes it as I feel this is safer than no zip. It has to have a pocket inside for the little things.

  6. Mia Fergusson

    The perfect bag to me is unique looking and durable and not too big and clumsy.

  7. for me the perfect bag is a nice medium sized one that i can fit all my things into it doesn’t have to be a special expensive bag , just special to me 🙂

  8. Judith Luscombe

    My partner calls my bag a suitcase so you can guess large is perfect for me, it needs to be big enough to contain all my usual items, phone, makeup, purse numerous medications (just in case) but also a pack a mac, a flask and the odd items of shopping I purchase whilst out.

  9. Sue Fuller

    My perfect bag is one I covet but can’t afford, e.g. this one!

  10. Gillian Holmes

    something secure with lots of zip pockets and plenty of space inside for my weekend survival kit.

  11. Megan Cottam

    My perfect bag is big enough tohold my purse, phone and keys but not cumbersome. Its beautiful and unusual and everyone wants it. It shouldn’t have too many pockets as I lose things in it but at least 1 so I can hide things init if I need to. It should be nice to touch and well made.

  12. Nia Wyn Roberts

    a bag that holds the kitchen sink!

  13. A perfect bag is one that matches pretty much with everything you wear, so you can get some good use out of it! Ones with lots of compartments for us girlies to fit all our things in he, he and good straps that provide a comfortable fit, rather than something that digs into our shoulders or underneath our arms :).

  14. Helen Moulden

    Definitely good quality leather. It always lasts a long time then!

  15. Karen

    It should be just the right size for the things I want to carry

  16. Hannah Beadle

    The perfect needs to be just that right size, not too big and defo not too small and go with any outfit 🙂

  17. zoe d

    one with enough pockets for just what you need and that is big enough to put on your shoulder

  18. Ruth Wollerton

    A perfect bag is a leather bag that looks both glamourous and u can everythng into it as well

  19. NDESAI

    A bag that takes peoples concentration away from what they were actually doing 😀

  20. The perfect bag appears streamlined & stylish, capable of holding a lipstick & nothing more…until you open it and it reveals mobile phone, book, purse, wet wipes, chocolate bar, kitchen sink etc

  21. Emma Melvin

    The perfect bag can see you through every occasion, and can hold all the necessary and random items every woman needs to get through every day 😀 x

  22. The perfect bag compliments my outfit, and suits it purpose for that day. Hence I change my bags – daily!

  23. The perfect bag has to look good but be functional too – hold all the things us woman need! Plus it needs to make your heart flutter too! Just like falling in love! xoxo

  24. Ann Paterson

    Stylish, comfortable and secure

  25. The perfect bag is one my wife can find something in

  26. The perfect bag has to look small and compact but still have plenty of room for all your things. A bit like Mary Poppins but with a designer edge.

  27. One that looks stylish and has an inside pocket

  28. Emma Gallagher

    A bag that has many compartments, adjustable straps, is chic and can match most outfits and is made for a good quality leather.

  29. Kate Rushton

    A bag that fits to me and my outfit, and will look good now and when I am 60. A true timeless classic that last for generations to come.

  30. Val Swift

    My perfect bag is one that stands out, the right size and goes with most outfits

  31. Heidi Lee

    For me the perfect bag has to be large enough to fit all my things in, have different pockets and sections to keep me organised and finally and most importantly look amazing!

  32. Liz Griffin

    The perfect bag would be stylish, spacious and go with several different outfits.

  33. Phil Darling

    The perfect bag is the one that leaves the biggest smile on my wifes face

  34. sana shah

    I like a bag that has loads of space and different compartments for phone, keys etc. good quality handle, funky bags like this one are a must

  35. Louise Turner

    A long adjustable strap – just the one because two straps on my shoulder tends to have one falling off, adjustable incase my hands are full of shopping and I need to put across my body. Two smaller handles to I can carry it. Big enough for the commute to work – needs to be able to fit in a book and a bottle of water. Pockets inside because I’m so disorganised I need organising, especially a pocket for my phone – but not so small it falls out! A flap at the front and a zip on the main part. Made of leather and in a dark colour but not black. Quite specific and maybe the reason why I haven’t found the perfect bag yet – still I’m enjoying the quest!

  36. Michele Hemmings

    Minimalistic and made in lovely leather x

  37. deborah foster

    One that you feel comfortable with, and that you wear with lots of different outfits with to dress up or down.

  38. Adele Hill

    The perfect bag is something that looks fantastic and has lots of pockets to keep everything well organised.

  39. It’s not to do with the style, the colour or the material; it’s a bag that makes me want to touch it, to pick it up and hold it and take it with me everywhere.

  40. Julie Davies

    My perfect bag has to have separate compartments, I hate medium/large bags which only have one compartment so that everything jumbles up at the bottom.

  41. Marion Nicolson

    Would match my shoes and hair perfectly. Xx

  42. Jo Kelly

    The right material, adequate space, easy to hold/wear & above all looks beautiful 😀

  43. madeline connolly

    a bag the look s good with whatever your wear all that has plenty of room for for everyhhing that i need to careing around

  44. Lesley Bain

    It has to look gorgeous and feel comfortable. However it is supposed to be worn or carried it has to feel natural and not be uncomfortable. A secure area for cash/purse is always a great plus for me 🙂

  45. Solange

    A perfect bag should definitely be good quality leather, compliment my outfit and effortly stylish

  46. Alice Hindley

    A perfect bag looks chic and has plenty of compartments but doesn’t look bulky when used

  47. Kelly Koya

    good quality leather that is really soft and smooth and a strap that stays comfortably on my shoulder without falling down.

  48. Hannah Martin

    A good design and quality with space for a notebook, teething ring and some chapstick! A bag that makes me feel confident but without overpowering my overall look/outfit. Comfy on the shoulder and timeless… not much to ask hey!? 😀

  49. Harpal Kaur

    good quality leather and lots of pockets


    soft leather and not too large so that I am not encouraged to carry too much junk around – oh – and it has to look stylish

  51. Blake Ahearne

    a good quality tardis

  52. shelagh milne

    The perfect bag should live up to the purpose it was bought for.It should comfortably fit the items that you carry around and still look stylish.

  53. Claire Trevor

    Roughly medium sized, not too big as I’m not one for carrying my life in my handbag. Good quality leather and a timeless yet stylish design so that it lasts and I feel like I’ve got my moneys worth from it:)

  54. Tracey Belcher

    My Perfect bag would be one that did not loose its shape with age and any wear would only serve to look ‘vintage’ and not tatty x

  55. It’s all about the leather, I prefer bags which are buttery soft with an almost vintage feel.

  56. Rebecca Collins

    For me the perfect bag is one which closes securely. Can be carried across your body with a compartment inside for your phone.

  57. I like to have a roomy leather bag, one that can be worn with many outfits-bags should be of high quality, made to last and timeless in design x

  58. Deborah Wheeler

    Big enough to get most everyday things in but not so big that everything falls to a heap in the bottom

  59. Amanda Carter

    Not too big to lose everything but not too small to be useless. Inside compartments and a zipped pocket to keep bits n bobs in.

  60. Clementina

    Not too large or it gets bogged down with the kitchen sink lol.

  61. Emily Nelson

    As long as theres loads of pockets for Nappies/cream and wipes in a bag, then im happy! I have two little ones under two! xx

  62. kristy brown

    The perfect bag…….for me that would be one that the kids don’t use as a general dumping ground for all their rubbish, and on that note the hubby too….so it would need to be made from a magical, invisible material. Either that or I would love Mary Poppin’s bag!!

  63. michelle moloney

    not too small, nor too large, and a pocket or two

  64. Amy Ripley

    Good quality and not heavy!

  65. Beth

    Not too big, not too small. easy to carry, soft leather.

  66. Julie Brooke

    Pretty, practical and made of leather 🙂

  67. Lovely soft Leather and a nice size as I carry everything but the kitchen sink!

  68. sarah parker

    lovely to look at and practicle

  69. olivia kirby

    Soft, luscious leather, plenty of room and compartments, functional but oh so pretty too.

  70. cheryl lovell

    Quality leather or fabric with lots of pockets!

  71. Janine Bailey

    Stylish, neutral and roomy x

  72. Maggie Coates

    The perfect bag is one you can use every day and it still looks good months later as when you first used it.

  73. ellen mckernan

    Good quality leather with loads of pockets

  74. Sally Poole

    Big but Beautiful

  75. Patrivia Owen

    My perfect bag would be made of good supple leather in a simple subtle design with a secure fastening. It would be big enough to carry essentials but not so big that I’m tempted to overload it!

  76. Nancy Bradford

    Made from quality material, looking great and lots of compartments for all my stuff.

  77. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Something stylish but useful and doesn’t look like you’ve crammed everything but the kitchen sink it in when you have. One that if you take to work, you can take straight out without having to change everything into another “going out” bag.

  78. Hannah Smith


  79. I think a bag is perfect when it has compartments for different things. It’s all good having a bag that would put Mary Poppins to shame but what’s the point if you get lost when searching for your keys? Or worse still a ringing phone. I love lots of room but a black hole isn’t my idea of a perfect bag.

  80. kate holderness

    My perfect bag would have lots of compartments….I’d like to say because it helps me stay organised but usually thu just end up full of crap! 🙂

  81. The perfect bag is one that compliments what I’m wearing as we’ll as being practical stylish and of good quality

  82. Hannah Ellis

    Would have to be something spacious, cute and stands out and looks pretty! Plus doesn’t smell like fish – like my recently purchased bag from Harrods – WTF!!

  83. nicola barter

    Plenty of pockets to keep everything organised!

  84. Becky Downey

    Signed up! Perfect bag for me. Big enough, and LOADS of pockets / zips / compartments. Can be worn on the shoulder or carried.

  85. I am already signed up and have been reading the blog for some time now
    My perfect bag is stylish without being too in-your-face, is big enough to hold the items I always carry (purse, keys, nail file, pen, small notepad, tissues and a few make-up items) and has at least one zipped section, preferably internal for my pills or any other small or valuable items I take out. Sometimes the bag needs to be large enough for a book to read and/or a puzzle book too. I prefer a bag with a shoulder strap as I feel more secure carrying it and it is more convenient as hands are free. I generally choose black leather or mostly black as then I know it will go with pretty much anything. Fingers crossed that I get lucky enough to win the lovely M. Hulot bag pffered as a prize in this comp. Happy New Year to life of Yablon.

  86. sram

    I think the right size and material is extremely important for me as I have seen some bags look tacky because of the material used.

  87. samantha devine

    I think that a bag needs to be light in weight. It needs to be stylish, have parts that are easy to access for the wearer but difficult for pickpockets. The interior of the bag is best when it is a bright colour to make it easier to find your phone.

  88. Margaret

    My perfect bag very much depends on the occassion. For daytime it has to be roomy, wearable across my body so my hands are free, fasten with a zip and look good! for evenings/nights out I like a small compact cluch – just big enough for a few essentials (money, make up and key). It doesn’t even need to fit my phone as I usually leave it at home if I’m socialising 🙂

  89. Alison Macdonald

    The perfect bag for me is one that looks gorgeous (a real eye catcher) and makes me feel feminine 🙂 being a mum of 3 my bags are usually full of ‘stuff’ for the kids so something that helps me to be ‘me’ again would be lovely xx

  90. Carmel Cheshire

    I think the material is the most important thing, preferably a nice soft leather but it should also feel nice to use and have plenty of pockets on the inside and outside for things like mobile phones etc.

  91. The perfect bag has to be the right size to fit in anything I might need, but has the knack of moving the things I need to the top, and things I don’t need down to the bottom

  92. Katherine Coldicott

    Comfortable to carry, the right size and obviously great style.

  93. Sally lea

    Simple but unusual, clean lines and colours and really good quality materials.

  94. Diane Graham

    My idea of the perfect bag is, big enough to hold all my crap but still look small and stylish, has to be excellent quality and be able to be fastened securely, a few small zip-able pockets so I can find my mobile and keys quickly; a bag which is like a family member and best friend rolled into one and I would be devastated and lost without it

  95. carol phile

    Leather, black or pink, studs and tassels, a good strong and long shoulder strap, a handy pocket for my season ticket, lining that doesn’t rip or puncture in 5 seconds, zips that neither break not stick, not too many pockets, room for a dog lead.

  96. Emma

    The perfect bag to me is unique looking and durable and not too big

  97. Anne-Marie Brookes

    a nice coloured leather bag with 2 pockets big enough to have a few things in but not too much.

  98. Micky Ricketts

    The perfect bag for me is big enouhg to fit all my important stuff in but is also very pretty!

  99. David Price

    According to my fiancee- many compartments to make it spacious and organised

  100. Dee Sherwood Wallace

    ,the perfect bag…. something that is original, slightly quirky and has lots of room to carry everything I need.

  101. The perfect bag to me has plenty of room for all my ‘junk’ that I carry around with me. It has to look smart but also be casual since that’s mostly what my style is these days. x

  102. Eva lorraine Appleby-Gill

    The greatest handbag you could have is one that looks trendy classy but practical easy to open and close with lots of compartments inside

  103. Suj

    The material and the colour is important to me

  104. Dee

    It needs to be easy to access all your things, room for everything but still neat, and if people say to you ‘wow, I love your bag!’ it’s even better!

  105. melanie stirling

    My perfect bag has to have plenty of pockets because I do carry a lot of stuff around with me and also be comfortable on my shoulder,they do have a tendancy to slip off!

  106. Charlotte H

    Good quality leather so you know it will last, and also a couple of pockets so your phone is safe from your keys!!

  107. A bag that goes with every outfit!!

  108. It has to be big, to carry all my things, have plenty of compartments, a handle and be made from good quality leather

  109. diane webb

    stylish enough compartments neutral colour to go with most outfits

  110. Liz ferguson

    The most important things in a bag are quality and style …. As my mum says ‘if you’ve got a good bag and shoes, it doesn’t matter what else you wear!’

  111. Fiona Foskett

    My perfect bag, is a nice size, nice texture, with plenty of space with out looking too big ( bit like a tardis not to big but with plenty of room), practical and will go with just about everything clothing wise that I own. Mary Poppins’s bag would be ideal.

  112. S Ripley

    Good quality, stylish and a decent size

  113. P Wendy Clayton

    The perfect bag for me gets me organised with pockets and a place for everything, it also needs to be easy to carry, across body seems to work best for me and my lifestyle. No fiddly fastenings – magnets are good. Then it must look good and feel nice.

  114. Nickie Chapman

    That’s a tricky question, as bags have so many different purposes! For my everyday bag, it has to hold a lot of crap (phone, massive wallet, kindle, phone, various nonsense) and I’ve found that only a leather satchel will do. A day bag has to be waterproof-ish, secure, and copious 😉

  115. Sarah

    My perfect bag is stylish, spacious and sexy… the kind of bag that has strangers stop you on the street to ask you ‘where did you get that bag’?

  116. Diana Cotter

    Really soft leather, lots of compartments, a strap that’s long enough to wear across the body and not too big. Must have a secure fastening and not just a little magnet!

  117. A timeless elegant design, top quality materials and space for all your essentials.

  118. Michelle Weston

    My Perfect bag is spacious but has lots of little pockets for everything- nothing worse that rooting round for hours trying to find your car keys!

  119. Katherine L

    The perfect bag is one that feels like an extension of your body! It goes with you everywhere and is your “right hand man”. I love mine in a good quality leather with a secure zip closure to ensure my things are safe. Also, the perfect bag is mid-sized so it’s great for all the essentials but not so big that I start carrying things I don’t need and hurt my shoulders 😉


    good pockets in the right places

  121. Perfect bag fits over my shoulder, leaving my hands free; has little dookits for my bits and pieces to be organised and a zipper to keep things safe.

  122. A Gibb

    It needs to do what you need from it, whether that’s carry *everything* or just a few essentials. It should be practical but also say something about you as a person. Most of all it should serve some purpose that none of your other bags do. It might be size, looks, materials, colours, but it should have something which makes it perfect for a specific time and place.

  123. sue willshee

    I like a bag that has plenty of sections so that I can keep things separate and don’t have to scrabble around in the bottom to find keys and pens, etc. I also like my bag to have a strong lining that doesn’t fray. Finally I like my bag to look good and feel well balanced so I’m not constantly pulling the strap up onto my shoulder.

  124. Gillian Hitchen

    Soft leather and a beautiful design, strong straps and gorgeously designed lining

  125. Lou Taylor

    Plenty of space is a must – as is a nice long strap so it fits nicely over the shoulder.

  126. Sue Harrison

    A perfect bag has enough sections to be able to keep my essentials, plus a little room for small purchases. It is made of hardwearing but soft leather and becomes part of me.

  127. My perfect bag would be spacious with an inner pocket and carry handles. It would be woven in black with a bit of bling, such as buckles and bows. I like ‘Guess’ bags.

  128. sian hallewell

    My perfect bag has to be able to go over my shoulder and hold all my rubbish! Not much to ask really

  129. Stylish and plenty of room

  130. claire little

    being able to feel feminine while also acting as a suitcase for my 2 babies bit’s and pieces.

  131. Shlley Jones

    I love bags with plenty of ace and different compartments so that I can keep my little ones bits and bobs separate from my own haha xx

  132. My perfect bag has to have plenty of room for baby & Mummy essentials, and preferably go over my shoulder!

  133. Linda Hobbis

    My perfect bag combines practicality with design – a piece of mobile art, if you like. It should be a classic style that never dates and expensive enough to feel special but not so expensive that I feel guilt carrying it about! Lastly, it should reflect my character – multifaceted – and contain a variety of useful secret pockets from which to magic sweets as bribery when the kids play up!

  134. George Worboys Wright

    A bag has to have pockets to keep all of my things separate and they have to be zipped as they’re more secure.

  135. Carolynn Crabb

    My perfect bag needs to be compartmentalised. I need to know wher my phone is when it rings and I am searching in the depths of the bag and miss the all! I need to have everything in its proper place or I am not a happy bunny. I am so organised and if my bag is not likewise – i do not function!

  136. Jaki Smith

    There is not just one perfect bag. That is because, in my opinion, the perfect bag has to match the occassion, needs and outfit of the particular time it is required. Which means that there are many different perfect bags for many different outings. For example, when I go to work, my perfect bag fits my purse, my filofax, phone, tissues, make-up, hand cream, pens and other acoutrements. It is usually plain in colour (although occasionally vibrant) and easy to carry. However, when I go out shopping, I might use a large bag to put purchases in as well as holding the usual items. Or a smaller fancy bag matching my outfit to look nice for a catch up at Costa with friends. On a night out it’s a clutch bag and only needs room for my phone and lippy and a small purse and, of course, matches the requirements of the outfit and the occassion! As you can see, I love my bags and have many that I chop and change about depending on my mood and what I’m doing!

  137. Kirsty Elliott

    A bag that will go with any outfit

  138. Gul

    A good bag has to be of good material and not so heavy that your shoulder aces!
    something unusual will always catch my eye, less is more, prefer if the label is not scattered all over it,prefer it to be with a discrete advertising (if any)

  139. yasmine choudhry

    i love bags which i can fit all my things in neatly and do not need to leave things behind

  140. Vanessa earle

    My perfect bag is whichever bag suits my mood on a particular day. It could be any of the bags described in this blog since no two days are the same for me.

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