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I know we’re not allowed to talk about it. I know that – along with tutors and scholarships and everything else in between – the whole damn subject is COMPLETELY taboo. However ‘horses for courses’ and ‘go with the flow’ are all very well in theory but I do need to tell you how I put 2 and 2 together and BING! right there and then I had my not-so-academic revelation….

In fact, it was while I was touring a possible senior school for our Mini that this award-winning realization hit me. You see, I’m approaching school-hunting much as I did (all those years ago) when I might have been husband-hunting. And THIS is sure to be the reason why my emotions around secondary school viewings are proving a little left field. I’ll give you an example: I never could dig those boys who couldn’t look me in the eye – especially if their hands dug around in their pockets. Nor could I date the smarmies, the intellects and… what a utterly hideous turn off those A grades could be. No. Absolutely not. I was looking for someone properly fun, definitely not stupid and more than able to handle any social situation I might fling in their direction.

And – as it transpires – that’s what I’m looking for when considering our Smalls and their education – at large. Yet instead I am find myself faced with exam factories, overly-keen teenagers, pushy parents and droves of stressed out over-achievers. I just can’t fancy that.

This column first appeared in The Lady where I am their Mum About Town.

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  1. Anna

    That’s a rather large generalisation !! I have living proof it’s not all like that!

  2. …the hysteria around pre-school places around my manor is driving me to distraction, I can only imagine what you’re being confronted with. Grip and grin! I wrote a little piece about the ‘S’ word

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