Speedo’s GET WET competition

Kick! Splash! Blow some bubbles! Let’s dive straight in and find out what all this wet fuss is all about…

my Speedo illustration

my Speedo illustration

A few of you might have seen this month’s ad banners on my blog.  Maybe you’ve spotted the bottom of swimming pools as well as a healthy bunch of googles, swim hats and a few toned bodies in the ads?

speedo life of yablon

Well, I’ll tell you more about my swim obsession in a week or so (when I’m near a mouth-watering pool in sunny California) but right now it’s time to turn on your competition antennae.  Because the lovely peeps at Speedo have given me a whacking great £100 for one of my readers to spend!

All you need to do is click over to Speedo’s site and leave me a comment on this post as to what you would choose… if you were lucky enough to win. An Endurance+ Flyback swimsuit features a core stabilizing system? A pair or Biofuse fins?  Or Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles?

One winner will be chosen on 31st August 2014.

Get wet and good luck!

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248 Responses to Speedo’s GET WET competition

  1. K. Alman

    Women’s Sculpture Aurapool Swimsuit and a pair of Women’s Aquapure Prescription IQfit Goggle. The goggles would be great to be able to actually see a bit better while swimming – what a great idea!

  2. Kirsti Johns

    I’d like any of the leg suits.

  3. georgina jacobs

    http://www.speedostore.co.uk/womens-speedo-fit-pinnacle-kickback-swimsuit/809242A.html?cgid=women-new-arrivals&dwvar_809242A_color=4692#cgid=women-new-arrivals&cgid=women-new-arrivals&start=5 – I’d love this swimming costume and I’d buy some swimming shorts for my husband as we have just joined a gym – this would be wonderful and hopefully spur is on. thanks x

  4. Claire Hull

    Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles 🙂

  5. Charlotte H

    Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles – What a treat to be able to see a crystal clear focus underwater, can’t wait to hit the local pool or take a dive on holiday 🙂

  6. Nicola H

    I would pick the womens-sculpture-crystalsun-swimsuit if I was luck enough to win 🙂

  7. Valerie B

    I need a new swimsuit, so I’d choose the Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback

  8. I love the Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit in the black and pink colour.

  9. Love the Women’s Sculpture Crystalshine Swimsuit

  10. LynneH

    I love the women’s sculpture Aurapool swimsuit

  11. Tara Clover

    Crystalrain Tankini x

  12. A pair of biofuse fins, you can really steam around the reefs in them.

  13. clair downham

    i like the look of the fastskin 3 elite mirrored goggles for my daughter who does competitive swimming thankyou

  14. Michael Garlick

    I always use Speedo Endurance for the swimming pool

  15. Angela Walker

    Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback

  16. Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit

  17. sarah goodman

    I would go for the Women’s Sculpture Crystalsun Swimsuit

  18. I would love to buy the Aquabeat 2.0 Underwater 4GB MP3 Player! That would be sooooo useful! Thank you!

  19. janet conlon

    Allover powerback x

  20. Rena Plumridge

    Women’s fast skin suit

  21. Anneka Hulse

    i would choose the Women’s Premiere Watergem Adjustable 1 Piece

  22. Carys Jones

    I love the Women’s Sculpture Auropool Swimsuit- very flattering.

  23. Carol Greenfield

    womens monogram muscleback swimsuit love the fit of this style for me.

  24. Jen Rogers

    Crystalrain Tankini

  25. sue hodges

    I’d choose the Women’s Sculpture Contour Swimsuit

  26. caroline turner

    would love the Crystalrain legsuit.

  27. Joan Workman

    Women’s Sculpture Printed Simplyglow Swimsuit plus a pair of Fastskin3 Elite Mirror Goggles to complete my outfit!

  28. Womens Sculpture Crystal shine swimsuit is lovely x

  29. love the culpture Crystalshine Swimsuit

  30. Emma Gibson

    I would choose the girls monogram splash back swimsuit

  31. Susanna Prince

    The Women’s Rippleback 2 Piece Swimsuit would be lovely! At least I can wear it in the sea without worrying about exposing myself in the big waves!!

  32. amanda

    long body swimming costume – can’t find them elsewhere.

  33. I would buy the Women’s LZR Racer® Tri Comp Suit

  34. Zoe G

    I like the Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit

  35. kevin jones

    A Faskin suit for my daughter as she is a brilliant swimmer. It would be good to support her achievement to another level up.

  36. Allan Wilson

    Mens Speedo Fit Pinnacle Aquashorts

  37. Gemma Snell

    Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit

  38. Women’s Crystalrain Tankini
    Fastskin3 Cap
    Speedo Large Logo Towel
    Competition Nose clip
    Pool Side Bag
    Women’s Pool Sock

  39. Daniel Seed

    Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles

  40. Rhian

    Women’s Aquapure Prescription IQfit Goggle

  41. Amy Beckett

    I would get myself a new swimming costume – Women’s Sculpture Watergem Swimsuit

    and my boyfriend some swim shorts – Men’s Xpress Dry 20″ Swim Short

  42. Lorraine Daniel

    Women’s Speedo Fit Tankini

  43. Gill Thomas

    I would choose the Women’s Sculpture Printed Simplyglow Swimsuit and a pair of IQ prescription goggles,

  44. Chris Davies

    I wear lenses so I always need a quality pair of Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles

  45. Naomi Harrison

    I would go for the Womens’sSculpture Crystalsun Swimsuit.

  46. laura stewart

    a new swim suit would be great

  47. Lillian Fisher

    The Girls’ Fastskin3 Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin suit as my daughter has just joined a swim club and most of them wear these when doing galas.

  48. Some really good goggles as mine leak way too much!

  49. gary wilson

    Fastskin3 Super Elite Goggle

  50. Vakhida

    I’d pick Women’s Sculpture Aurapool Swimsuit

  51. Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback

  52. suzanne

    A decent pair of goggles

  53. Lisa Auger

    The women’s rippleback 2 piece swimsuit is my favourite

  54. Suzanne Cooke

    I would choose the Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback

  55. The Women’s Sculpture Crystalshine Swimsuit

  56. Joanne Welsh

    My choice would actually be the underwater mp3 player, to keep me motivated while in the pool!

  57. Susan Hoggett

    a nice new swimsuit

  58. Lyla

    I’d get the women’s sculpture contour swimsuit

  59. Tracy Newton

    I would love the Sea Squad Spinning Dive Toys. My son would love these

  60. Leanne Hansell

    The swimsuit please

  61. Patricia Edwards

    Aquabeat 2.0 Underwater 4GB MP3 Player

  62. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback for my wife would be great.

  63. Nicola b

    Women’s Monogram Tankini Boyleg

  64. isabelle smith

    Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback

  65. debbie jackson

    new goggles and a new swimsuit, hard to choose too many nice things.

  66. k walsh

    Really like the Women’s Speedo Fit Body Positioning Kickback Swimsuit

  67. mark ELSON

    speedo fit pinnacle,my wife loves them.

  68. Suzy Foster

    A monogram tanking to hide my fat bits!

  69. Andrea Doherty

    The latest Aquabeat to replace my well worn original would be nice 🙂

  70. Janet Thornton

    I would like the Speedo fit pinnacle kickback swimsuit.

  71. Caroline H

    I’d love the Speedo Crystalrain Tankini and some Mariner Prescription Goggles.

  72. i would buy the flattering Women’s Sculpture Crystalsun Swimsuit and Futura Biofuse® Polarised Goggles and the Speedo Border Towel in pink for my trips to the gym, would be fab to go in style!

  73. Jackie ONeill

    Women’s Sculpture Clearglow Swimsuit

  74. Solange

    Women’s Sculpture Crystalsun Swimsuit

  75. karen hutchinson

    clearglow swimsuit , some decent goggles will hopefully motivate me to swim regularly

  76. Susan Trubey

    goggles for my grandson

  77. Emma Fox

    As my family and I have recently purchased a family swim pass, I would select a woman’s sculpture body gem suit. However this suit would have to do a lot of sculpting to make me aerodynamic!

  78. Kat K

    The Aquabeat 2.0 Underwater 4GB MP3 player. In September I will be swimming the Channel (in my local pool) for charity and this would certainly help the laps fly by!

  79. cheryl lovell

    i would choose the aquapure goggles

  80. ray mather

    speedo endurance everytime

  81. Sophie Lester

    I would choose the Women’s Monogram Tankini Boyleg

  82. caroline cordery

    googles for me to go under with my daughter

  83. Kerry Lethbridge

    I’d have to put it towards the Women’s Sculpture Crystalsun Swishing swimsuit I’m still wearing my maternity tankini I’m just so self conscious but I’d love to take the twins swimming more often

  84. Maxine

    I’d definitely get some googles and swimming caps for the family

  85. Roxanne

    Any of the swimsuits as mine doesn’t fit anymore 🙁 I like the pinnacle kickback in red on the homepage.

  86. Hazel Lemar

    I would choose probably choose the Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit which looks stylish and supportive!

  87. Michelle Clarke

    Women’s Monogram Muscleback Swimsuit

  88. katherine b

    I’d get Women’s Sculpture Aurapool Swimsuit

  89. Natalie Crossan

    Women’s Sculpture Crystalsun Swimsuit 😀

  90. Teresa Lee

    ‘Women’s Hydrasuit Swimsuit’ and the ‘Women’s Sculpture Printed Simplyaqua Swimsuit’……Thanks for the competition

  91. Carol Portas

    The Snorkelling Set for my holiday to Barbados

  92. Women’s Sculpture Clearglow Swimsuit is lovely

  93. Angela Kelly

    I like the women’s fast skinsuit

  94. Aaron Milne

    Some goggles to start with

  95. Lynne Brown

    I would get an aquabeat MP3 player – I love swimming but get bored just going lengths – this would be perfect to keep me amused while getting fit x

  96. i would get the Speedo Women’s Sculpture Water Gem Adjustable 1 Piece Swimsuit

  97. Gemma Poulding

    Women’s Speedo Fit Body Positioning Kickback Swimsuit

  98. soneailiami

    Women’s Sculpture Crystalsun Swimsuit 🙂

  99. Jon

    Sounds terrific.

  100. emmav6

    would love the Women’s Sculpture Watergem Swimsuit

  101. Michelle Cummings

    I would choose the Crystalrain Tankini without doubt. It’s so fab!

  102. Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit

  103. Joshua Cottrell

    I’d go for the Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles.

  104. Ross Skinner

    I would get the Men’s Tri Comp Full Sleeved Wetsuit as I’m hoping to do a triathlon next year

  105. David Paterson

    Goggles and Fins

  106. I would love goggles for the family, but I would love a pair of Aquapulse Max Mirror IQfit Goggles.

  107. Alex Kerr

    The womens hydrasuit swimsuit – mine’s too big now

  108. jodie harvey

    i would love the Women’s Sculpture Crystalsun Swimsuit, i would also get some matching swisuits for my two girls (8 months and 19 months) so i can start taking them swimming 🙂

  109. Andrew Halliwell

    Men’s LZR Racer® Tri Comp Suit

  110. Therese Pastore

    I would choose one of the Women’s Sculpture Printed Simplyglow Swimsuit

  111. Lyn Bosomworth

    I like the women’s fast skinsuit

  112. I love the Women’s Sculpture Contour Swimsuit

  113. helen atkins

    Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback

  114. Nicola McC

    I love swimming and I would choose a couple of the Sculpture swimsuits as I always feel very body conscious in my cossie!

  115. Susan Hunt

    A couple of Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit _ hate putting back on a damp suite

  116. Gaynor Johnson

    I would choose a new swimming costume ‘Women’s Winner Clipback Swimsuit’ and buy one for my daughter too as she now enjoys swimming as much as I do (it’s taken her 24 years to find that out!) I would also treat myself to a ‘Women’s Monogram Legsuit’ because legsuits always look so great on other people.

  117. Angela Williams

    a pair of Boys’ Allover Panel Aquashort

  118. pamela gossage

    I would choose the womens sculpture contour swimsuit

  119. Janice

    Women’s Allover Powerback Swimsuit

  120. I’d start with these for me Men’s Xpress Dry 20″ Swim Short and the GLIDE and GLIDE Junior snorkelling sets to take on holiday!

  121. stephanie Whitehouse

    Women’s Sculpture Aurapool Swimsuit – might hide my tummy

  122. Kelly Brooks

    I’d love the Women’s Sculpture Crystalshine Swimsuit

  123. Robby Price

    Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles

  124. Nicola Lynch

    I’d choose the Women’s Crystalshine 1 Piece, love the belt, haven’t had a proper Speedo suit since my competitive swimming days. Would be great to have one!! Thanks..

  125. Christina M

    Speedo pinnacle kickback swimsuit

  126. Jane Middleton

    Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit

  127. Allan

    Biofuse® Fitness Fin

  128. Nicola giacomelli

    A Fastskin LZR Racer Elite 2
    Would be lovely

  129. conrad edwards

    a mens allover

  130. Nicola P

    I’d choose the Aquabeat 2.0 Underwater 4GB MP3 Player in yellow. I like to swim but I need something to make me stay in the water longer and distract myself from the aching legs and burning lungs after a while, so I think it would be perfect!

  131. Hannah Lord

    I would love one of the Aquacoach watches in Red. Would be great for my challenge I’m doing 44 miles (return channel swim equivalent) over 12 weeks for The British Heart Foundation in September. I wanted to get fit and lose weight , so thought I’d challenge myself for a good cause. With this watch I could track my progress 🙂

  132. rachel sollis

    http://www.speedostore.co.uk/womens-thinstrap-muscleback-swimsuit/805403M.html?dwvar_805403M_color=9852&cgid=women-all-swimsuits#cgid=women-all-swimsuits&cgid=women-all-swimsuits&start=1 i love the style and pattern – would deffo pop that into my baskte if i was lucky enough to win this competiton! thanks for the chance!

  133. claire little

    Speedo Sculpture swimsuit

  134. Joshua Coman

    Fastskin LZR Racer Elite 2!!!

    So I can be all professional 😀

  135. Trish D

    Definitely a new swimsuit! I like the Sculpture Clearglow one but there are several others that catch my eye too 🙂

  136. Aleksandra Odrowska

    I like it all lol

  137. Ella Swinbank

    Women’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit in black and pink would be lovely!

  138. rachel fisher

    A womens sculpture swimsuit!

  139. Kim Styles

    I would choose An Endurance+ Flyback swimsuit features a core stabilizing system

  140. I would like 5 pairs of mens endurance 7 cm brief blue 32″

  141. James Holyland

    I like the speedo red and black bag

  142. Samantha Atherton

    I’d like the Women’s Sculpture Contour Swimsuit

  143. Alisa Moore

    Women’s Hydrasuit Swimsuit

  144. Helen Swales

    I would choose the Women’s Sculpture Printed Simplyglow Swimsuit – it’ ssimply gorgeous.

  145. elizabeth yeates

    womens speedo fit kickback swimsuit

  146. tiffany wills

    womens-sculpture-crystalsun-swimsuit <3

  147. olivia280177

    The Girls’ Flipturns Mystic Rippleback Swimsuit is gorgeous for my little girl!

  148. Lauren Main

    One of those aquabeat waterproof mp3 players!

  149. Helen Garner

    I like the Women’s Monogram Tankini Boyleg best and I could really do with a new swimsuit.

  150. Lyndsey Beckford

    The Women’s Monogram Legsuit, Women’s Essential Endurance® Legsuit, Futura Biofuse® Goggle, 2 x Women’s Pool Sock

  151. Avs

    An Endurance+ Flyback Swimsuit

  152. Bernadette Willis

    I’d love the Speedo Sculture swimsuit

  153. felicity

    The Fastskin3 Elite Mirror goggles look fab! Would love a pair 🙂

  154. jayne hall

    a swimsuit

  155. Penelope Hannibal

    I’d choose a Women’s Speedofit Legsuit for myself & spend the rest on technical equipment for my daughter as she plays Waterpolo for our region 🙂

  156. natalee gosiewski


  157. Pam Francis Gregory

    Women’s Sculpture Aurapool Swimsuit

  158. Natalie Gillham


  159. lisa tebbutt

    google please

  160. James McKenna

    I would choose the elite goggles, look good!

  161. carol boffey


  162. Emma Cain

    Love the colours on the Womens Leaderback swimsuit & Monogram 2 piece!

  163. Alexandra Blue

    the first thing I’d get would be a Sculpture swimsuit


    The endurance swimsuit would be amazing

  165. jodie taylor

    endurance costume

  166. Hazel Rea

    I’d get this: http://www.speedostore.co.uk/womens-xylia-full-coverage-swimsuit/805668.html?cgid=women-all-swimsuits&dwvar_805668_color=8383#cgid=women-all-swimsuits&cgid=women-all-swimsuits&start=7 I think it would be very comfortable under a wet suit. I started bodyboarding this year and the sea temperature has dropped a bit and I need a wetsuit and a sleek swimsuit to put under it.

  167. champaklal lad

    speedo great swim wear

  168. louise reece

    definitely some new speedo shorts for my 2 growing boys. They go swimming so often they keep wearing them out so it’d be good to have a new pair each 🙂

  169. Andrea Johnson

    Women’s Sculpture Aurapool Swimsuit

  170. catriona nation

    Goggles would be great

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