Say goodbye to that ‘never ever again’

Now, I should admit, I’m that breakfast juicer you hate.  And – as my good friends will tell you – I’m a rubbish BIG drinker.  It’s pretty obvious that the main reason I don’t have one-too-many is because I HATE the morning after.  That useless feeling which makes me want to crawl under the duvet and ignore my family is one which I avoid.  At all costs.

party bottle

party bottle

lowest price for propecia

But… saying that… I DO love to party too.

another shot anyone?

another shot anyone?

So last weekend I ‘forced’ some friends to party with me as part of a hangover experiment.  Friends of ours played fabulous host/hostess and we drank and dined and drank a whole load more…

stunning party table (not mine, I hasten to add)

stunning party table (not mine, I hasten to add)

The tequila (mixed with Champagne, Mojitos and red wine) promised to leave us in an awful state. However, we soldiered on and kept those drinking hats on until the wee hours.

tequila time - for research reasons.

tequila time – for research reasons.

And then, on Sunday morning, I checked in to find out how they were all feeling.

He and I were smug party-goers.  Tired – yes – but hungover – NO!

For the most part*, our tactics had worked.  Queasiness and that awful pillow head-spin were banished and many of those hideous headaches didn’t surface.

So here’s the juicy bit.  This was what I used for my hangover-banish-mission:


one Prefunc shot each pre-drinking

one Prefunc shot each pre-drinking


one bottle of Organic Pharmacy's Hangover pills

one bottle of Organic Pharmacy‘s Hangover pills



I recommend you party-on and try it ALL!

*(A couple of the lads said they felt awful but let’s face it, they CLEARLY drank too much)

COMPETITION:  Sranrom, the Thai herbal healing beauty range, felt really sorry for me and my self-inflicted party experiment.  So they’ve sent over a box of beautifully gentle pampering treats (worth £58) for one of you lucky readers to win.  All you have to do to enter this competition is sign up to my blog (top right of homepage),  follow me on Twitter and the winner will be picked at random on 18th Dec 2013.

Scanrom prize for one Life of Yablon reader

Sranrom prize for one Life of Yablon reader



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  1. This is a fabulous idea haha! I need to take heed I think xx

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