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Oh… HELLO sunshine

Oh… HELLO sunshine. We’re very pleased to meet you but did have just a couple of quick questions: Are you here to stay? Or just flirting a little warmth and brightness in our direction. You see, your big, bold entrance … Continue reading

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Spring-ing onto the Heath

By nature, I’m an obsessive planner. He often finds my overwhelming desire to plan ahead highly irritating and so I’m trying a new mantra: to plan less and live a little more…to avoid over-scheduling our hyper-planned lives! So… with some … Continue reading

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The Ski Carrier

If you’re not a skier, you’ll just have to bear with me here. And, if you do ski and fail to see the tree I’m about to bark up, then perhaps just smile sweetly and move on. Because with ample … Continue reading

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life journey

The Angelina Jolie effect continued today as the glamorous actress and peace ambassador released news that, in a risk reducing operation last week, she had had her ovaries removed. And in a BRCA1 gene mutation type of way, she and … Continue reading

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