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page three?

I hate to be made a fool of. And, last week, I fell hook, line and sinker for the gag to end boobs in The Sun newspaper. Actually, News International tricked quite a few of us as we leapt for … Continue reading

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FOMO free (for limited period only)

Have you noticed how positively amicable everyone is in January? Is it because we’re all in ‘this club’ of the longest, toughest, coldest, greyest, penniless month together? Or is it simply because no one is possessed by that green-eyed monster, … Continue reading

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In memory of Kate Gross. Book Review: LATE FRAGMENTS

Written in December a day after I began and finished Kate Gross’ first and last novel, Late Fragments: Everything I Want to Tell You (About This Magnificent Life) Dear Kate I feel like I know you, that perhaps I am … Continue reading

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at the end of our rainbows…

It’s New Year’s Eve (again) and I’m wondering how to sign off the year. It’s my favourite post of the year and yet the hardest to write. My immediate thoughts turn to what we want, what we have and what we … Continue reading


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