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social media x smalls

As London Fashion Week rears its pointed toe, most of us in the digital fashion world will have our cameras and phones at the ready in every effort to snap, post and share those most likable instagram pictures. But is … Continue reading

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what’s SO funny?

What really tickles you? And your Smalls? Do you laugh at one and the same – or are you mostly amused by each other’s presence? I only ask because, after 8 weeks of living in close quarters, I’m a little … Continue reading

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Asia Adventure | Part three | Koh Samui

‘What’s Delhi-belly anyway?’ she called – doubled up in pain – from the en suite bathroom. “And why Delhi when we’re in Cambodia!” He and I tried not to giggle. But then she was sick and sick and sick and … Continue reading

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Asia Adventure | part two | Siem Reap, Cambodia

The best thing about dividing up your holiday allocation into different mini adventures is that it feels like you spend MUCH longer away in total. Each touch down (I won’t say unpack as I don’t always…) opens up a new … Continue reading


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