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fresh fish

Full apologies for the lack of blog posts but – like many of you – I have well and truly switched off for the end of year festivities. Those of you following my instagram feed will notice that we are hiding on the … Continue reading

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all power to the duvet day

We’re all muttering the same thing.  Like a broken Mummy record. “Such a long term this is!” “If only they weren’t so exhausted!” “these short dark days are getting to us” “… just got to keep going…” Except that Mini … Continue reading

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au pair turnover

Oh DO write about your au pairs!’ I have been begged many a time.  But, if I’m honest, the stories are best told over a bottle of wine and, besides, name-and-shame has never really been my game.  Not really.  But, as one … Continue reading


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The Pig in the Wall, Hampshire

Some of my true besties live outside of the big smoke. Trading space, greenery and less pollution, they really do live the Good Life with chocolate box dogs, AGAs and no danger of not being able to park outside their … Continue reading


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