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a picture epidemic; but why?

I’ve always been people obsessed. Creeping down the stairs as a child in PJs trying to eavesdrop on fascinating dinner parties, loitering during His phone conversations with just about anybody and please don’t get me started my  spy-in-a-cafe habit… it’s a proper … Continue reading

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needing a little Narnia

Just for the record, I wasn’t running away from being ‘another year older’. No. And I certainly wasn’t having any sort of middle age breakdown. It’s not my style. In fact, I actually don’t mind getting a little older… in my … Continue reading

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What do I want to be (should I ever)… grow up?

Sometimes it feels like I might never know what to call My Career. Not my job title, my recent freelance project or a batch of photos I’m currently editing. My actual career. More than often I’m asked ‘what IS it that … Continue reading

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a man about a dog

Today I went to see a man about a dog. Not a real dog, but a man at least. We ate avo on toast at The Mae Deli and talked over a few ideas we had. The coffee could have … Continue reading


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